Girl’s head cut off by witchdoctor in Tharaka Nithi

A 94-year-old witchdoctor and his client were arrested following a suspicion on suspected ritual. The nine-year-old girl’s head cut off by the witchdoctor was thrown outside a goat shed and the body in the goat shed.

Items used for witchcraft

During the incident, worshippers of a church nearby heard the cries of a girl but they assumed and continued their worship.

After church service ended, the worshippers decided to go and see what was happening at the witchdoctor’s home. They found the man and his client eating meat and the two showed the worshippers a cur goat.

The worshippers then asked about the whereabouts of the girl the pastor had called for earlier from the church. Upon questioning about the girls whereabouts, the witchdoctor and his client got angry and agitated hence the church members resolved to call the police.

According to residents, the girl always delivered milk to the 94-year-old man for a pay.

Following the police raid after receiving a call from one of the residents, the officers demanded to be shown the body of the nine-year-old girl. Her body was hidden in a goat shed and her head outside the shed. Additionally, three slaughtered chickens were found but the hearts were missing.

According to the police report, the witchdoctor’s client went to his homestead and attacked the girl. Also, the report says that the witchdoctor is from Mpingu village, Kiroo. Police officers said they found items used for witchcraft at the man’s home.

Evidence, including a blood-stained machete was collected from the scene.

The body of the girl was taken to the mortuary while the two suspects are placed in police custody as investigation continues.

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