Football: Legend, Diego Maradona dies after heart failure

The world of football is mourning the death of Diego Maradona. He passed away at the age of 60 after suffering from a heart failure. Argentina will be in mourning for the next three consecutive days.

Diego Maradona dies ata age the of 60

According to the Argentinian Justice Ministry, the cause of his death is chronic heart failure.

Argentine Football Association confirmed his death and posted on social media saying they express their deepest sorrow over death of a legend. They additionally say he will always be in their hearts.

Diego Maradona is known to be among the greatest players in history of football. His name Maradona came to be a household name after winning the World Cup in 1986.

People took notice of his skills when he played against England and he scored a memorable goal that he afterwards described it as “Hand of God.”

Although his career took the right path and he became famous worldwide, he got engaged in alcoholism and addiction.

Alberto Fernandez, Argentina’s President, has announced a three-day national mourning for the passing of their legend super star. He also took to Twitter to express his grieve saying Maradona took them to the top of the world and made them feel unbelievably happy. Fernandez also says Maradona was the greatest of all.

Diego Maradona will lie at the Argentina’s presidential palace, Casa Rosada, for public view in his honor.

His death has led thousands of his fans to the streets as they light candles and displays his photos in remembrance.

In addition, Aleksander Čeferin, UEFA President, says they will observe a minute of silence ahead of all the European matches this week. He says Diego Maradona will go down as someone who shed a light to football and he also thrilled his fans with his skills.

The world of soccer reacts

Many soccer players are paying tributes to the legend as they pay their respect.

Players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pelé, and many other players and leagues paid their respect.

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