Firirida: KECOBO warns on using the song

Firirida song by Kenyan vernacular singer Dick Njororge left many on the craze of featuring the song in their videos and doing the dance challenge.

The artist behind the hit song firirida, Dick Njoroge

Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) is however warning Kenyans who have fallen in the midst of doing the Firirida challenge while featuring the song. In a statement, KECOBO cautioned institutions and companies from using Njoroge’s song without asking for authorization.

“Don’t blindly fall for every craze. It may lead you into trouble with the law,” they stated.

In addition, they said that the law states that the owner of the song has rights in terms of the distribution, reproduction and any derivative work.

“The law stipulates that the owner of the copyright has the exclusive right to control the distribution, reproduction and any derivative works,” read KECOBO’s statement.

Furthermore, they stated that infringement of copyright has legal consequences and infringers will pay for damages to the owner. Additionally, there might be a fine or even imprisonment of the party(s) involved.

According to the copyright law, a slight change to one’s work without their permission can be termed as infringement.

Earlier, CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Ezekiel Mutua, announced that Firirida is the type of song that Kenya needs. He said that the song promotes Kenya’s culture and it’s a moral song.

Jerusalema license fees

This warning comes days after Warner, the makers of the hit song Jerusalema, announced that anyone who used their song for marketing purposes will pay license fees.

Jerusalema song was used by many institutions and companies including, fire brigades, police officers, and doctors and nurses.

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