Father killed by Form Four son following argument

Form Four student in Bungoma County has killed his father following an argument on school matters. The 16-year-old boy slashed his father with a machete at night.

Form Four student from Bungoma has killed father following argument

Residents and relatives of the 16-year-old boy, Brian Juma, were left in shock after the news of the death of Juma’s father.

The father, who is a church leader, heard that his son refused to attend school even after he had cleared all school arrears. He went to confront his son, who was living with his grandmother in Bumula Constituency, hoping he will agree to return to school.

However, he found his son in company of his friends and their girlfriends. Later on, the two started arguing prompting the friends and girlfriends to leave the two. Juma failed to agree with his father hence resulted to slashing his father with a machete at around 8pm.

During the argument, the sister, Consolata Nanjala, and mother to the deceased were afraid to leave the house as they heard the commotion.

Meanwhile, they heard a low cry of Juma’s father, as Nanjala stepped out to check on his brother, she found him with deep cuts. He was also bleeding endlessly. She immediately asked him who implicated such injuries and he told him it was his son Brian Juma.

Nanjala immediately called neighbors and family members and he was rushed to the Nzoia dispensary but was referred to Bungoma County Referral Hospital. In spite of the doctors’ help, he did not survive the injuries as he succumbed to death while receiving treatment.

According to Consolata Nanjala, Juma refused to go back to school and he resolved to marry a Class Seven girl. Police officers have been looking for him for a while after the parents of the class seven girl filed a complaint following the incident.

In addition, the 16-year-old mother, Leah Nekesa told the press that her son was to be arrested for making the girl drop out of school. Nekesa further says that their son smoked bhang and drank alcohol hence he was constantly rude. Furthermore, she says that his son was angry after his husband sold their land without giving him a share of it.

Area assistant chief, Liru Katani, noted that Brian Juma was among the notorious children in the area. Katani says that they managed to get all other learners to school but Juma was a hard nut to crack.

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