Father freed after serving years in prison over false charges

A father in Machakos County has been freed after serving years in prison over rape charges he was accused of.  Julius Wambua Musyoki is freed on a Sh30, 000 cash bail as fresh trials are expected to begin.

Julius Wambua’s daughter, Dorcas Mwende. Photo courtesy

Wambua was allowed to walk freely after new evidence emerged. His case is also reopened as they begin fresh trials.

Justice George Odunga ordered for the release of Wambua on a cash bail of Sh30, 000.

Fresh trial

Julius Wambua was accused of raping his daughter Dorcas Mwende who was then aged 16 and considered a minor. Wambua was arrested and jailed at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison. Considering the evidence produced he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Later on, it was found out that Mwende was persuaded by her mother to lie in court. Wambua and his wife had marital differences thus the reason to why she told her child to lie to the police.

Mwende however, felt guilty about lying to court about his father and decided to file a pettion so that they court can overturn the judgment on her father.

During the court session as the evidence was being listed by the judge, the new evidence brought forth was satisfactory and a fresh trial is expected to begin.

Wambua’s daughter, Mwende, broke into tears after the court’s decision ruled in her favor.

During an interview with the press, Mwende said she was overjoyed as she can now have peace of mind.

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