Eric Omondi: “Hiyo pesa ungenipatia niongeze nayo cameras kwa studio”

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua are making clapbacks at each other after Omondi show cased his photo to which he was wearing a boxer only. Mutua who is the CEO of Kenyan Film Classification Board, says Omondi should respect himself.

Eric Omondi tells Ezekiel Mutua he has not done anything for the entertainment industry

Mutua, during an interview with NTV, says that the comedian is a grown up and should respect himself. He additionally said that Omondi should put a disclaimer on his content that will show it is for adults only.

Omondi however took to Instagram to tell Mutua that he has not done anything for the entertainment industry. He additionally says that the CEO should stop using his name for cheap publicity stunts.

So you flew all the way from Mombasa to do this press conference, hiyo pesa ungenipatia niongeze nazo cameras kwa studio zangu so that we shoot more videos for young talented Kenyans.” Omondi says.

Muscle challenge

On other matters, Eric Omondi was challenged to put up some muscle and he did so like a champ. He did not fail his fans when he showed off his masculine body days ago.

Many of his female fans have been thirsting on him while others could not hide their excitement when he put up his photo on Instagram.

The comedian later on made an announcement telling his fans he is looking for a wife material. He encouraged fans to send their videos on whatsapp and that he will respond to each.

A number of thirsty Kenyans including men have sent in their applications to the comedian.

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