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Enforcing Covid-19 Rules: Four Restaurants Closed

Four restaurants have been closed in Nairobi CBD after public health officials noted the Covid-19 guidelines was not adhered to.

NMS, aimed to enforce the President’s directive given on the 4th of November in his 13th address to the nation, have gone round inspecting public vehicles, eating establishments and  even schools to try and bring around 100% compliance to all the guidelines set out by the government.

The hot dishes restaurant is among others that have been closed in the Nairobi CBD

This move has seen four city restaurants ordered to close with immediate effect after being seen as having not complied. The affected eateries include; Beneve Foods, Hot Dishes, Petma and City Gava, which also saw their licenses revoked to reapply when they fully comply.

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 “We are inspecting every business that was cleared to operate and if we find any that does not observe the guidelines, we are asking them not to operate until they reorganize themselves and reapply for the license afresh,” said Mr. Sammy Ole Kamwaro, who is the assistant chief public health officer at NMS.

While addressing the press, Mr. Kamwaro reiterated that they began the operation after noting that most businesses were not adhering to the laid out Covid-19 guidelines. He also went on to say that they are now doing enforcement in collaboration with the Kenya Police to ensure full compliance.

Nairobi has seen a deployment of over 250 officers to the sub-county level to inspect how operating businesses in the county are washing hands, how they are social distancing and if the type of sanitizer they are using has met the 60% alcohol requirement for effective disinfecting.

In conclusion, Mr. Kamwaro suggested that businesses with 70% or more in compliance will get an opportunity to reorganize. This means the businesses will only be paused for a little while. He explains that the purpose of the inspection is to ensure businesses are following the laid guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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