Embu Family In Agony After Their Twin Boys Go Missing

A family in Embu is having trouble sleeping as a result of their twin boys going missing.
Ryan Mwenda, 15, and Leon Macharia, 15, were classmates in form two at Kangaru Boys High School and Moi High School, respectively. Ryan is a twin.

The boys were getting ready to return to school after the one-week break, according to their mother Naisera Muthoni, when they vanished.

When I was getting ready to send them off at school around noon, they vanished, according to Muthoni.

“They were to report to their respective schools, and so we woke up and started preparing; ironed clothes, ate lunch, then I entered my room to prepare, but when I came out, I found they had left all their school belongings behind and vanished,” she added.

Nyangwa Boys High School teacher Muthoni claimed she jumped in her car and drove around looking for them but was unsuccessful.

“Since the moment we got up and started getting ready for school in the morning, I have not observed anything unusual. They were alright, “Muthoni noted.

She did, however, point out that her twin kids had asked why they were attending different schools while wanting to attend the same secondary school.

Even the subject of attending school together came up this term, and Muthoni said, “They have not had any incidences of indiscipline, and I had not believed it might grow to a level of them leaving home.”

Since the twins have always been together and have done everything together since they were young, it was decided that they should attend separate secondary schools in order to assist instill and develop individual character and personality, according to Muthoni.

On the day of their disappearance, Muthoni claimed to have given each youngster Ksh1,000 as pocket money, which they may have used to get about.

An emotional Muthoni stated, “I was told by boda-boda drivers in the region that the boys were spotted around and were demanding to be dropped at the Embu Town bus station, where they would board matatus going for Nairobi.

The Itabua Police station received a complaint of the incident.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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