Embu East: Father slaughters son in Ivari village

Embu East Sub-County residents at the Ivari village woke up to shocking news of a 70-year-old man slaughtering his 42-year-old son to death.

70-year-old man has killed his 42-year-old son. Courtesy

According to residents, there were screams coming from the homestead of the family and as they went to look, they found the son, Alexander Munene, in a pool of blood. Munene had deep cuts on his head and neck.

The suspect, Benjamin Njiru, ran for safety from the angry residents who wanted to lynch him. He is currently being held at the Runyenjes Police station.

Assistant Chief at the Embu East, Patrick Muriithi, says the family had for a while been having issues which would be sorted by elders and close family members.

However, on that fateful day, Munene quarreled with his mother, Beatrice Mutitu, a 33-year-old, but his father intervened. This thus left Munene unhappy and he left his parents in order to have some alcoholic drinks.

The 42-year-old later came home at around 8pm and went to confront his father who responded by slashing him on the head and neck.

Assistant chief Muriithi advised the residents to sort out their family issues with elders, members of the society or the local administration.

In conclusion, Muriithi added that issues concerning land has been rampant among families but it should not be a reason to take matters in own hands.

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