Edgar Obare unfolds his kidnapping

The famous Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare has taken to Instagram to unfold his kidnapping that occurred at the gate of the Kiambu Law Courts.

The blogger was at the Kiambu Law Courts for a case hearing against Natalie Tewa when he was suddenly grabbed by unknown men and put in a car against his will.

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According to his story on Instagram, as spotted by HELLO NEWS, Edgar was told by the men that he was being taken to a nearby police station.

Edgar Obare narrates his story on Instagram (left). He shows the way he was tied up and his cut up undergarment (right) Photo courtesy: Edgar Obare Instagram

“I demanded to know who they were, where they were taking me and what they were arresting me for, refusing to answer they only said to a nearby police station. In the car they put cuffs on me and they were getting a little tight so in asked the guy on my left to loosen them up and he refused. He asked that I unlock my phone and I should co-operate with them, which I refused. One thing I have learnt since my last kidnapping is NEVER TRUST THE POLICE,” Obare illustrated on his Instagram story.

Obare had been peeking through the mask that was put on him trying to figure out where they were heading. According to his story, he had figured out later that he they are driving along Thika road.

He added that they reached a certain place to exchange cars and this was where his clothes were stripped off. He was tied with rope after he complained that the cuffs were too tight on his hands.

He went ahead to narrate that, “They kept asking me more silly questions about Dj MO, size 8, Jalangoo, Joho, about why I insulted them and that I should find a better job.”

He was later thrown out of the car into thorny bushes while his hands were still tied up. He managed to untie himself, walked to the road and tried to stop any car that was passing by. “Clearly I looked crazy standing by the road in a polythene bag for underwear, but luckily a Good Samaritan helped me, welcomed me into his house and gave me some clothes, some water, tea and bananas. Bless their souls. I was along the road to Chaka past Nyeri, and these good Samaritans helped me find a taxi and get back to Nairobi,” Obare said as he explained how he found his way back to Nairobi.

His court case against Natalie Tewa has been moved to November 10, 2020.

HELLO NEWS would like to clarify that the above revelations are according to Edgar Obare and none of it has been confirmed by police or the DCI.

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