Edgar Obare arrested again, Justice or Injustice?

Edgar Obare arrested once again by the DCI seems to be a game of a child playing with fire and at the end gets burned.

Edgar Obare and Desy Achieng at the DCI headquarter. Courtesy

The tea master unfortunately picked on a sensitive topic to showcase for his tea lovers which in turn ended up biting him.

DCI arrested Edgar Obare yesterday on claims that he trained a lady who in turn went to extort money from the Machakos Governor. According to the DCI, Obare published false information hence committed offence on cybercrime and computer misuse.

As a social media influencer with over 350 thousand followers on his Instagram account, his main role is to serve fans with exclusive information about celebrities in Kenya.

According to statements by the DCI, the tea master has been recruiting young girls to stalk prominent politicians, business and religious people. He would then coach them on how to ensnare them and extort huge sums of money from them.

Currently, one fraudster, Desy Oduor Achieng and the accused, Obare, are in police custody as they await a court hearing.

“In a case of outright blackmail by fraudsters who intend to benefit financially from prominent personalities, by tainting their images online & demanding money not to post ‘scandalous’ information about them, detectives have once again arrested serial fraudster, Edgar Obare,” DCI stated.

Netizens speak out

However, netizens are not fully convinced that Edgar can commit such a crime while others say that Edgar interferes with people’s personal lives.

Here’s what a few netizens had to say:

@Miss Understood says:

Dci mnaweza geuzia mtu kitu faster hivi. He(Edgar) was brought a story by the lady about the governor,and he texted the governor about it,which he denied and told him he’ll need him as a witness coz he’s suing the girl. What’s all this,him being a serial fraudster??”

@Samwana says:

“Obare hata mngeachia NYS ama securex wadeal na yeye nyinyi mnafaa Mjue tunawalipa kushika magaidi kama Alshabab hapa you have misused our taxes bana.”

@Kristina Kamanga says:

Since DCI only comes to aid ‘PROMINENT PERSONALITIES ‘ can they be put in their payrolls na sio za common taxpayers…coz looks like sisi tunalipia horny politicians kusikiziwa kesi zao yet the same services can’t be extended our way regardless of how crucial or serious.”

@Sina Taabu says:

“Nonsense!! You’ve been reduced to arresting market women and gossipers. Wastage of our taxes. Eastlands insecurity iko levels za hali ya juu but you are using all the machinery to arrest a blogger and charge him with ridiculous charges that smell like the lies they are. Useless”

What do you think?

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