‘Dress Like A Mheshimiwa’s Wife,’ Bahati Tells Diana.

Bahati has chastised his wife Diana Marua for not dressed appropriately to reflect his current status as a political aspirant.

The father of four, who is contesting for the Mathare MP seat, believes his wife should have a decent appearance. Bahati chastised his wife for wearing ill-fitting jeans.

In a video aired on Diana’s YouTube channel, Bahati discussed this. “, he explained “You should be respectful of my supporters.

Why are you dressed in tattered clothes? You should be aware that you are the wife of an Mheshimiwa.

You should be aware that others look up to you.” Diana defended herself, claiming that she wore the tough jeans on a tour of Mathare and that no one objected.

“I went like this when we went to Mathare to distribute flour, and no one protested.” Later, the pair discussed their ex-lovers, with Diana denying any contact with any of her ex-boyfriends.

According to Bahati, “I’m not familiar with your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. I’m afraid I can’t say whether it will cause marital troubles.”

 After Diana posted an Instagram clip of her recent conversation with the “Mihadarati’ rapper, Bahati threatened to beat up Stivo Simple Boy.

 “Yaani, you contact someone for a serious interview, and he confesses his love for me out of nowhere. I’m still stunned, but we must move on “‘I’m a mother of two,’ wrote the mother of two.

In the clip she posted, Stivo can be heard waxing lyrical about Diana’s body. “Mambo iko aje. Unaendelea aje?” he started out.

Questions to which Diana responded with a perfunctory answer saying she was okay.

The musician then promptly shifted gears from one to five and praised Diana’s physique. “Mwili yako iko sambamba!” he declared without missing a beat.

A smiling Diana then rhetorically responded by asking Stivo whether he indeed loved her body?Stivo doesn’t back down.

In fact, he went into detail about why he loved her body, telling Mrs Bahati that she had a good body cause she didn’t have ‘ngongingo.’ (no artificial additions to her body.”

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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