Dr. Ofweneke: “I have never been to Nigeria”

Dr. Ofweneke, a Kenyan comedian, says he has never been to Nigeria and he is not one either.

Dr. Ofweneke says he has never been to Nigeria and he is not one either.

During an interview with Jalango, Kenya’s well-known Radio host, he reveals that he is a Luhya. He additionaly says he is “mluhya wa kutuma salamu”

The comedian speaks pure English with a Nigerian accent. This had initially left many Kenyans to assume he is from Nigeria.

Dr. Ofweneke was born in Nairobi and raised up in Kakamega County.

Even though he has maintained has Nigerian accent for a while, he tells Jalango he is not from any of the West African country.

Additionally he says he has never been to Nigeria or any upper part of Africa.

Although he has done comedy in Nigerian accent, he states that he is tired of taking on the accent and should rather visit Nigeria for a business trip.

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