Dr. Antony Were, a kidney specialist, succumbs to Covid-19

Dr. Antony Were, a kidney specialist, is reported dead due to Covid-19. This brings the total number of doctors who have died due to Covid-19 to 11.

A total of ten doctors have died due to Covid-19

According to reports, Dr. Were was admitted at a hospital in the city. However, he lost the battle to the virus 10 days after admittance at the Intensive Care Unit.  

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Pharmacists and Dentist’s Union (KMPDU) describe the doctor as a mentor and teacher to many. The union took to Twitter to say how the Union is in mourn over his loss after the Dr. having had complications.

Dr. Antony Were was the head of the African Association of Nephrology and also the Deputy Director of the East African Kidney Institute. Additionally, he was a lecturer at the University of Nairobi.

Unfair treatment

The KMPDU has issued a 21-day strike notice due to the death of its senior doctors. They are accusing the government of not providing better working conditions for the doctors and nurses. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, doctors have not had NHIF cover for those that fall ill nor an area set aside for ill doctors.

KMPDU wants the government to provide standard PPEs to health workers and make sure those who contract the Covid-19 are given good medical care.

Meanwhile, other doctors who have succumbed to the virus include, Dr. Daniel Alushula (Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Faith Mbuba (Pharmacist), Dr. Emarah Asharaf (Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Hudson Alumera (Periodontal Surgeon), Dr Ndambuki Mboloi (Pulmonologist), Dr. Adisa Lugaliki (Obstetrician Gynaecologist), Dr Robert Ayisi (Pediatrician), Dr. Vladimir Schuckin (Bariatric Specialist), Dr. Hudson Inyangale (Public Health Specialist), and Dr. Jackline Njoroge, (Physician).

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