Diamond: Fans react after seeing musician’s father carrying gunia

Fans are amazed at how Diamond is not taking care of his father. His father was spotted at what looked like a market to which he was boarding a PSV carrying a gunia.

Diamond’s father spotted boarding a PSV

Several of his fans and other netizens continue to wonder whether Diamond still has a grudge with his father. The millionaire musician however has not yet commented on the photo that is already doing rounds on social media.

Diamond’s father had earlier left their family when they were young thus left them to be raised by their mother. But the star forgave him later on as his father was seen in a couple of his events.

As per the photo spotted by HELLO NEWS, it is clear to say that the millionaire and the dad are possibly in bad terms.

Some of Diamond’s fans are happy that Diamond left the father to hustle for himself while others advice the singer not to abandon him.

Here’s what fans and netizens had to say:

Ce.cil3091 says:

“Mzazi ni mzazi tu”

Phane86 says:

“Let that family lead their own life”

Waitakennedy says:

“The last time I checked he was brought up by a single mother! Karma hardly misses address”

Swt-marie says:

“It’s good to forgive coz God is the one who avenges….. Diamond forgive your dad”

Samuelmahuguirungu says:

“If you can’t buy the fatherhood buy the resemblance and the gift of bringing you to this world”

What do you think?

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