Diamond asked to return Azimio money

Rapper Khaligraph Jones appears in a video pleading with Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz to “return” the payment he received for the Azimio la Umoja campaign performance.

Khaligraph stated Diamond should refund the funds because the party he was backing ‘failed’ in the humorous film.

“You bought these chains and sneakers, with the Azimio money? Return the money you were paid to perform at Azimio’s rally. You don’t know the team has ‘failed’,” said Khaligraph.

A few days after Diamond congratulated Kenyans on their winning elections, Khaligraph released a video.

The head of the WCB pleaded with Kenyans on social media to maintain peace during this time so that the nation could keep progressing.

“PONGEZI sana wana Kenya kwa kuhitimisha zoezi la uchaguzi na kumpata rais leo. Sasa hivi tena sio Team Ruto, Wajackoyah ama team Raila Odonga. Ni kwa pamoja kuendeleza maendeleo ya kenya na wana kenya kwa ujumla.” (Congratulations Kenyans for completeing the elections process and getting your president. It is no longer about Team Raila, Ruto, Wajackoya but as one Kenya to push the country ahead as Kenyans.)

Diamond allegedly received over Sh10 million in compensation for her brief performance in Kasarani, according to sources.

The Bongo superstar reportedly received TSh196 million ($10 million), or 30 minutes, to perform, according to sources from Tanzania.

Despite the fact that he flew on a private plane, Azimio nonetheless provided him a travel allowance.

The performer, his dancers, and his daughter Tiffah Dangote flew in a private jet from South Africa.

Following Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz’s selection to perform at Azimio la Umoja’s final campaign rally at Kasarani Stadium on Saturday, August 6, Kenyan musicians responded.

Juliani claimed that Kenyan artists would have been more effective in achieving the goal.
“Diamond in Kasarani was distateful. Any Kenyan talent would’ve sufficed,” Juliani wrote.

The comedian Eric praised his buddies Diamond Platnumz while criticizing Kenyan artists for not working hard.

Kenyan artists were criticized by Eric Omondi for being “boring, formulaic, and complacent.”

Not all artists are interested in such performances, according to Sauti Sol’s Bien.

“But we don’t want to be in political forums such as these,” Bien wrote.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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