Detroit: Activist makes sleeping bags out of potato chip bags

An activist in Detroit, United States, has decided to do her good deed for the homeless by making sleeping bags out of used potato chip bags. She hopes the creative and innovative sleeping bags will help the homeless keep warm during the winter period.

Eradajere Oleita showing one of her self-made sleeping bag. Photo Courtesy

During an interview, the Nigerian environmental activist, Eradajere Oleita, said that she collects the potato chip bags, cut them open, iron them out, and finally line them with plastic. Oleita says that the idea came from a video inspiration that she saw of a woman making sleeping bags from snack pouches.

For the past four years, Eradajere Oleita, worked as a water and land works ambassador for the Americorps. She moved to Michigan as a high school second-year student.

The 25-year-old started collecting the bags mid-last year when the pandemic was intense in U.S. she also decide to establish a website in order to gather more bags. According to her, the innovative sleeping bags’ reflects the body heat through the foil lining. In addition, the bags are lightweight, waterproof, and durable.

As she explained how she makes them, Oleita says it takes 150 of the chip bags to make one sleeping bag. Her goal is to make more than 50 bags by February.

In a word, she says that she has never been shy doing humanitarian projects because she herself is human. Oleita’s joy is seeing the homeless people in Detroit keep warm as the winter season continues.

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