Demolition at Nairobi Railways Club Premises to Pave Way for Expressway

Demolition at the Nairobi Railways Club: Photo Courtesy

The covid19 pandemic has not only stretched to worsen the economy but has awoken the thoughts of government authorities to do what they had not done rendering people businesses less, jobless, and homeless.

The Traders within Nairobi Railways club premises on Wednesday woke up only to find where they have been doing their daily businesses flattened.

The demolition was done in haste as it is said that the authorities descended on the area at night.

 A dozen police officers on Wednesday morning camped and kept vigil at the gate only allowing hotel workers into the highly guarded premises.

We do not allow anyone in. We only allow hotel workers. Go and find out finer details at Kenya Railways headquarters,” a senior police officer said.

The demolition is said to be geared to providing a space for the expressway.

Notice is given to the occupants on Tuesday

The demolition and evacuation reportedly are in line with the letters Pharis Ngotho, the acting CEO for Kenya Railways staff pension scheme wrote to those occupying the premises.

 “Further to the gazette notice no 2161 of 2020, a presidential order has been issued to Kenya National Highways Authority(KeNHA) to enter into and acquire premises(Nairobi Railways Club) beginning 15th September 2020 for the commencement of the project Nairobi Express Way Roads” his letter had read.

The notice only gave an ultimatum of only hours failure to which those occupying the area, would face forceful eviction from the land.

National Land Commission Chairperson Gershom Otachi had on March 12 through gazette notice No 2161 announced that the government intended to do a compulsory acquisition of some parcels of land to allow the multi-billion project to proceed.

Among those affected in the early morning, demolitions are yards that were selling cars.

Businessmen are very stranded as the directive has come so fast, they have been facing myriad challenges and counting losses since corona began. This last hit by the government is taking them home for good.

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