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Daniel Adongo: Time Changes with Everything in It

Daniel Adongo with His Coach During Training: Photo Courtesy

The internet is overwhelmed with the search about Daniel Adongo after his unusual video surfaced. 

Daniel Adongo joined the list of the most promising players worldwide in 2013 after joining the NFL Colt.

However, his downfall started after losing a $2 million contract deal with the club following social misconducts.

Adongo has made news not once, not twice, from being a ladies’ darling to being the first Kenyan to play in the Americas National Football League (NFL). However, the latest news about the one-time celebrated rugby player is shocking.

Adongo has been accused of joining a cult, abusing drugs, and becoming homeless after his video looking tattered came online. 

Reports indicate that Adongo’s woes started in 2015 after being listed under the criminal investigation radar over domestic violence claims. His playing time was suspended on December 10, 2015. That is when the linebacker was ruled out of the Colts just before the team faced Jacksonville.

On October 24, 2015, Adongo started becoming a threat to the social setting of his neighborhood. A woman informed the police that he had become a threat to him and should not return to her community. Upon receiving the news, he went to the Fishers Police Department with the woman and ended the relationship. 

Since them, life seems to have been unusual for the hunk, as confirmed by the latest video.

But who is Daniel Adongo?

Daniel Adongo is a former Kenyan rugby player, and the first Kenyan in the history of sports to be signed in the US NFL Colt.

He was born on October 12, 1989, in Kenya, East Africa. He was a sportsman who liked animals too.

Having proved his potentials in the country, Adongo moved to South Africa, where he joined Shark’s rugby academy. He later played professionally as a backline rugby player in South Africa and New Zealand until 2013, after which he moved to the US. 

From 2013, Adongo abandoned rugby to become an American Footballer. He eventually joined the Indianapolis Colts on a contractual basis that lasted in 2015.

 Daniel Adongo is now a free agent.

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Written by Barrack Ongwe

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