Covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine is 70% effective

AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine is proven 70% efficient against Coronavirus. This is the third and latest vaccine that is announcing their results after a number of test trials.

AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine is 70% proven effective

The vaccine is developed with the University of Oxford and is showing a 90% efficiency if given in one dose regimen. This means that the vaccine is given as a half dose and a full dose that at least follows a month later. Additionally, their vaccine is 62% efficient in second regimen if two full doses are given a month apart.

Besides the differences in efficiency, the vaccine proves 70% efficiency to the Covid-19.

AstraZeneca Oxford says the vaccine is very effective in prevention of Covid-19. They add that there was neither hospitalization nor severe cases of the disease in those that were injected for trials.

This analysis comes after announcements from BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine which is 95% effective and Moderna’s vaccine which is 94.5% effective.

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