Covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca causes doubt among scientists on its 70% authenticity

AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine is causing a worldwide doubt concerning the authenticity of its virus. Earlier, they had reported a 70% effectiveness concerning their virus causing the world joy. It is the third vaccine that is showing higher percentage in preventing Covid-19.

AstraZeneca is the third vaccine that is showing higher percentage in being effective

Although AstraZeneca was fast in announcing its effectiveness, it is causing worldwide doubt in the scientific community. There lacks clarity in a number of aspects of data from their vaccine trials.

They mentioned on Monday that the UK study participants were given two different courses of the vaccine. However, they failed to explain the reason behind giving participants two doses.

According to their trials, group one which had 2,741 participants was given half a dose of the vaccine and a full dose a month later. This gave the group a 90% protection against Covid-19.

The second group, which had 8,895 participants, got a full dose and another full dose at least a month later. Therefore, the second group had 62% protection from the virus.

The difference in statistics between the two groups is the reason why AstraZeneca says their vaccine is 70% effective.

Some of the scientists are in question of why the drug makers would finalize their result on two different trials. This is because their result diverges from standard reporting that is based on clinical trials.

In addition, AstraZeneca’s Executive Vice President, Mene Pangalos, explains in an interview that the participants who received half dose was due to a lab error.

During an interview, a spokesperson for the AstraZeneca said they will continue to investigate the vaccine further to be sure of the results. They also want to be sure of an effective dosing for the vaccine.

Due to the release of differentiated results concerning the vaccine, the AstraZeneca shares have dropped to more than 6% since Monday.

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