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Covid-19: Possibility of mental illness after recovery

Mental illness is one of a risk factor that appears after surviving the virus. A study shows that 20% of those that have survived the Covid-19 show signs of illness after a 90-day period from contracting the virus.

The Covid-19 virus has higher chance of causing mental illness in patients after 90 days since recovery

Patients who recover from Covid-19 report cases of insomnia, anxiety and depression. Researchers also find that there are risks of dementia which is a brain impairment condition.

Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Britain’s Oxford University, says that scientists are worried that Covid-19 survivors are at risk of mental illness. He also adds that their findings show the same as well.

He advises scientists and doctors around the world to urgently find the causes of the after effects from Covid-19. There is much need in finding treatments for the mental illness after the virus.

Psychiatric sectors should be ready to provide health care to patients that might suffer greatly after surviving the virus.

In a research that has been conducted on patients who have survived the virus, one in five patients reported insomnia, anxiety or depression. This has been evident in other groups that have been tested as well.

Study also shows that 65% of people with mental illness are more likely to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus than those without.

Other mental health specialists have found that there is growing evidence that Covid-19 can affect the brain and mind. This can therefore result in a higher risk of psychiatric illness.

Michael Bloomfield, a consultant psychiatric at University College London, says that the psychiatric illness might be due to a combination of the psychological stressors. Bloomfield adds that this might be due to the physical effects of the illness.

Somon Wessely, a professor of psychiatry at King’s College London says the virus affects the nervous system thus increase subsequent disorders. Wessely adds that this is not the case for everyone and that the risk is increased by previous illness health.

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