Covid-19: Couple dies of virus after receiving a haircut

A couple has died of the deadly coronavirus after deciding to receive a haircut from relative. The couple had done everything to keep themselves safe from the virus but a 40 minute visit to relatives cost them their lives.

Couple die after receiving 40-minute haircut. Courtesy

Mike and Carol Bruno kept their social life minimal to avoid the Covid-19. They did not host big traditional gatherings as they used to. They were always connecting with family through phone and video calls.

However, when they decided to have a haircut at their home, they both got infected and later died.

Mike and Carol were married for almost 60 years before passing away from Covid-19. The two died Nine days apart and are now among more than 300, 000 thousand people who have died in the US due to Covid-19.

Before Carol Bruno went to see her son, Joseph Bruno, with her daughter, her daughter, who works in a salon, got tested for the virus. Additionally, she had quarantined for around 4 days. Her coronavirus test had come back negative. Carol had also been indoors most of the time since the pandemic started.

During the visit, the Brunos’ wore a mask and avoided hugs within the 40-minute period. In addition, the windows remained open and Carol sat next to the window for extra precaution.

Carol’s daughter gave her a haircut with her mask on as she sat near the window.

A day after the Brunos’ were together, Joseph started experiencing symptoms related to the virus. His mother and sister also had the same symptoms.

Their mother got admitted to the hospital but was discharged after her condition improved. But two days later, she was admitted again and put on ventilator.

Mike Bruno also got sick and was admitted to the hospital.

One day after Carol’s husband was admitted and put on ventilator, she succumbed to the virus. Nine days later, Mike also succumbed to the virus.

According to Joseph, the couple’s son, if their mother did not get the haircut, their parents would still be alive. He hopes that their family’s grief will be an eye opener to the world on how fast it can spread no matter how safe one remains.

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