Concerns About Power Failures On Election Day have been Addressed By The IEBC

In response to inquiries about what to do if there is a power outage on Tuesday, August 9, and the KlEMS kits run out of battery power, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has provided guidance.

In response to significant concerns expressed by presidential campaign secretariats and other interested parties regarding the general election scheduled for August 9, the IEBC gave Kenyans the reassurance that the KIEMS kits contain an additional two power banks each, sufficient to last them through the voting and transmission process.

“The KIEMS kit has an internal battery and two external batteries (power banks) that are fully charged before deployment. The three batteries have sufficient power to last beyond the voting and transmission period,” said the commission in a statement.

The Wafula Chebukati-led panel noted that the KIEMS kit voter identification function is offline and does not require network connectivity when discussing potential internet outages.

“For purposes of electronic transmission of results, the KIEMS kit is fitted with both primary and secondary GSM sim cards to ensure continuity of the network in case one fails,” added IEBC.

The Commission added that it will also use satellite modems as a fallback and in the event of a malfunction.

The IEBC has also been questioned concerning instances of unrest that can make voting difficult, specifically about whether the commission may cancel elections in a particular polling place, center, or region.

According to the commission, only the presiding Officer, in coordination with the

Once safety and quiet have been restored, the returning officer may postpone the voting process and resume it as soon as is practically possible.

“The voting process shall be extended by the amount of time the voting process has been stopped,” said Chebukati

The Returning Officer also has the option of delaying the elections till the moment security is once again restored.

In case of delays, the commission specified that the presiding officer shall extend the hours of polling by the amount of time lost by starting late. All polling places would be open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In addition, Chebukati mentioned that the final delivery of ballots will be made on Wednesday, August 3, before to the voting on Tuesday.

Six backup KIEMS kits will be provided for each ward, he said, and all of the KIEMS kits are prepared for dispatch.

The presiding officer shall deliver the results to the Constituency Tallying Center in the event of emergencies like flash floods, violence, or insecurity.

Chebukati stated that in addition to grid electricity, IEBC will also supply stand-by generators to make it easier to transmit results to the 290 Constituencies.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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