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Concern: Teachers test positive for the Covid-19

Concerns have risen in certain institutions as teachers and learners test positive for the Covid-19. Learning at Tononoka Secondary School and the Star of the Sea Secondary School in Mombasa County is being postponed after 15 teachers test positive for Covid-19. Hello News has established that four teachers at the Star of the Sea Secondary School, not excluding the principal, and 11 teachers at Tononoka Secondary School have tested positive for the Covid-19.

The Star of the Sea Secondary School is among the closed schools after teachers test positive for the Covid-19 : PHOTO COURTESY

Samples were taken during the weekend and results were provided on Monday. Several students at Tononoka Secondary are said to be sick after interacting with the infected teachers. The County Commissioner, Gilbert Kitiyo, has stated that more samples from the students and teachers are being taken for testing and are awaiting the results. The Commissioner goes ahead to state that the schools will remain closed for fumigation and parents are being informed of the closure.

The teachers said they started showing symptoms of the disease and decided to take private tests.

At least 17 people, eight children, and nine adults, at St Andrew’s Turi, located in Molo, have tested positive for the Covid-19. On the report of the health officials, the patients were looking forward to flying out of the country. The 17 are part of a group that has been in the school since March 13, when the country reported its first case of Covid-19.

The travel restriction due to the Covid-19 had forced them to stay behind but once the restrictions were lifted, the group comprising of family members residing in the United Kingdom decided to make travel arrangements back home. However, according to officials, most of those who tested positive were asymptomatic.

Nakuru County public health chief officer, Samuel King’ori, has confirmed the incident and reveals that most of them were scheduled to travel back home in Britain today. The tests have been conducted by a private laboratory ahead of their travel date. King’ori has made a statement saying that the patients who have tested positive have been isolated and they have begun contact tracing.

These events come as the Grade 4 and Class 8 pupils across the country begin sitting their national assessment tests today. Students and pupils at the affected schools will not be sitting for the tests until the contact tracing is completed.

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