Comedian Eric Omondi claps back at Avril, “Sasa huyu ni nani?”

Comedian Eric Omondi has left his fans in stitches after he clapped back at the well-known Kenyan musician, Avril.

The comedian had earlier on posted on his social media saying all the comedians will be taking the steering wheel. In addition, he says that comedians will lead as Kenyan musicians follow.

His social media post as seen by HELLO NEWS, Eric Omondi called on all comedians to rise up saying that it is their time.

“WARNING TO ALL KENYAN MUSICIANS!!!! We (COMEDY) are officially taking the steering wheel. We are now in control!!! We will lead as you follow!!! My video has been trending at number one for 5 days in a row!!! And this is going to be the trend for the rest of the years to come. Naona @bahatikenya aki stragooo hapo chini yangu at number 2 anajaribu kuingia number one but nampiga tu mangotoo…Sioni @khaligraph_jones anywhere on the whole trending list in mdomo tu mingi…@sautisol nikama walioa wote! @willy.paul.msafi nitafute nikuadvise bro…@ringtoneapoko ni Chokoraa mang’aa, msanii chapashtua…I am calling upon all Comedians to rise up…it is our time!!!We are running this city!!!” Comedian Eric Omondi’s post stated on his social media.

However, Kenya’s well-known musician, Avril, told Eric as long as he keeps saying different jokes then they are okay if he continues to trend. But Eric did not let that comment slide,he responded to Avril telling her, “Sasa huyu ni nani??? I was talking to musicians not former musicians.

Additionally, Eric and Kenyan hip hop artist, Khaligraph Jones, have not been on good terms for a while. HELLO NEWS suspects that this might be the reason for Eric to call on comedians to rise up.

During their recent argument, Khaligraph Jones aka OG told Eric that he has become skinny again. He was asking him if his wives during the ‘Wife material’ show drained him of his muscles.

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