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Clinical Officers call off strike

Clinical Officers welcome 2021 on a good note as they call the 26-day strike off. The officers were able to come to an agreement with the Ministry of Health thus were able to resume work.

Clinical officers gifts Kenya by calling strike off

According to the chairman of Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (KUCO), Peterson Wachira, an agreement to return to work was signed at Afya House after the two parties came to an agreement.

The health sector in public hospitals in the country was paralyzed after the Nurses, clinical officers and afterwards the doctors’ strike. Patients were left to seek help at private while mission hospitals as Covid-19 patients were left stranded in the ICU. In addition, medical laboratory officers have also issued a strike notice set to begin in January 5.

The concerns of the medical experts include the conditions in which they are working and that they have not be provide with PPEs.

Furthermore, the officers main demands were ensuring the workers get medical cover and group life insurance.

Accordingly, KUCO Secretary-General, George Gibore, says the clinical officers will be able to get medication when they are hospitalized due to Covid-19 complications. Gibore also says that they will ensure the group life insurance is providing for compensation purposes in case any worker succumbs to Covid-19.

Additionally, Gibore says the workers who are on contract term will get benefits not limited to NHIF cover. The clinical officers started their strike on December 7, 2020 hence caused a paralyzed public health system.

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