Class Four girl attempts to poison father over relationship

Class Four girl was arrested by police following her attempt to poison her father over her relationship with a Form Four student.

A Class Four girl attempts to poison father

According to police, the child cooked porridge for her father and had put poison in it hoping the father would die from drinking it. She was questioned by her father concerning her relationship with the student but she was not happy thus made the poisoned porridge.

In addition, the area chief, Alexander Nyakenywa, says the Class Four pupil had put a pesticide used on vegetables to poison the father. But before he drank it, he noticed a strange smell from the porridge.

Consequently, she later on admitted to attempt to kill her father who seemed to interfere with her relationship. She told the police she is in love with the boy and did not want to lose him.

Likewise, the girl’s boyfriend says their relationship started when students were sent home in March due to Covid-19. He says since their relationship has grown, it cannot be stopped by anyone.

Nyakenywa furthermore added that the child looked determined to kill anyone who attempted to interfere with her relationship thus with the help of the community members, she was arrested.

Similarly, local Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary, Albert Ondimu, advised children to focus on education rather than focus on other things. Ondimu says it is unfortunate for a pupil to attempt to poison their own parent. Local KNUT officials also said that during the stay-at-home period due to Covid-19 lockdown, students became indiscipline.

The two will be arraigned in court and charged for attempted murder.

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