Churches Ought to Stop Hosting Dishonest Politicians, Says Rev. Sammy Wainaina

Rev. Canon Sammy Wainaina, the provost of All Saints Cathedral, has condemned the church for entertaining politicians instead of preventing them from utilizing their pulpits for political advocacy.

On Sunday, Rev. Wainaina addressed his congregation and argued that it is improper for the church to back politicians who have been charged with graft since doing so ultimately compromises their integrity.

He emphasized that despite their advice to stay out of politics, particularly while electioneering is still prevalent, churches are actively endorsing political initiatives.

“Unfortunately the church has become captive of our politicians so that they come here and they demand to speak. But you Christians want to be entertained by our corrupt politicians. You want them do display money in the public,” he said.

“If the church is corrupt it cannot heal the nation. And so the question about the church and politics starts with me and you we shouldn’t expect a miracle from the top.”

Rev. Wainaina went on to say that the presidential contenders’ manifestos were unrealistic and that they should not have been presented to Kenyans.

By mentioning a few promises made by the current administration that were never kept, he stated that politicians have learned the art of dishonesty and that Kenyans should be weary of them.

“What is the manifestos, can they be achieved, can we afford them, are they realistic? The dead horse is being raffled,” he said. 

“The stadiums were the old dead horse ruffles, were they done? The roads that we were promised, the laptops for our children were they done. Why do you get lied at and you clap and get entertained. How sad that our politicians cheat us. I pray that this country will not just be held by politicians but by institutions that hold a country,” he said calling on the The Judiciary, Media, Police, Civil Servants, County Governments and IEBC to be vigilant in upholding integrity.

While pointing out that Kenya shouldn’t expect any improvements from the incoming administration, Rev. Wainaina asked the Church to take the initiative in the fight against dishonest politicians.

“I pray that in this month of July, with a faltering economy, hollow politics, and a decline in trust in the institutions, our minds would be prepared to turn Kenya up to God. We shouldn’t expect a miracle as long as this country’s leaders are motivated by money and power “said Wainaina.

“And because a system generates its own after August 9, I can tell you that nothing will change for the country after that day. We will only have a corrupt person at the top if we are a corrupt people.”

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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