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Christmas holiday: Cheap but fun ways to light up

Christmas holiday is a time to enjoy with family or friends. Covid-19 has left many with little to no option in having great holiday season.

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After what has seemed like a whole year wasted to lockdowns and stay-ins, it is high-time everyone gets to appreciate being alive and healthy. Surviving this period is nothing but a great relief.

HELLO NEWS has summed up a list of cheap but fun things anyone can do to enjoy this Christmas holiday.

Here is a list that we know any Kenyan can enjoy partaking:

Spend time with loved ones

From close family members to extended family members, getting a good family time can be a good way to celebrate this season. As long as the Covid-19 guidelines are adhered to, having a good time either at parent’s house or having a picnic would be ideal.

Make special memories

Think of new and creative ways to spend time with partners. Your children can join in the fun to make it more memorable. Getting to do new activities that are different from the norm can make the holidays much fun thus this will light up relationship among couples.

Playing games can also be a good way to make good memories.

Make gifts rather than buying

To avoid spending too much, doing a few Do It Yourself (DIY) will help save up to get to buy ‘great food’ for the family. DIY can be made from recycled materials or for those who can afford buying a few extra gifts, then it is allowed.

What matters most is feeing joyful when giving the gifts to loved ones.

Spread joy

Visiting children’s home or paying a visit to street children will put a smile to a child’s face. Making a meal or giving the children gifts can go a long way. This will also make one feel ‘warm’ at heart.

Keep in mind that the holidays will be different from the usual. From wearing masks to sanitizing or washing hands now and again, things might seem too different but there is always room to have fun.

Spending time with loved ones and doing the simple things do go a long way to leave a mark in one’s heart. Having picnics at Uhuru Park or Karura Forest might make you feel cheap but it will be a great activity considering the current situation.

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