Revealed: Why President Uhuru will not dissolve the Parliament as Advised by CJ Maraga

The Chief Justice of Kenya Hon. David Maraga: Photo Courtesy The Chief Justice of Kenya David Maraga gave an advisory note to the president seeking dissolution of the 12th parliament for failing to embrace the two-third gender rule as required by the constitution. Constitutional lawyers have termed the move by the

Why University Students Must have Laptops

New Students' Enrollment for Tertiary Education: Photo Courtesy Virtual learning is taking over the traditional classroom environment amid COVID-19 pandemic.  A laptop has been listed by universities as one of the compulsory requirements for admission in any university during the September-December semester, which is currently ongoing.  Universities across the country have rolled

Revealed: Why Propagators of Hate Speech Walk Free Of Conviction

MP Johanna Ng'eno (the Most Recent Political Convict of Hate Speech in Kenya): Photo Courtesy Hate has been manifested more among politicians in the recent past than before. Apparently, most hate speakers get away with their hate and incitement offenses. Studies indicate that Attorney-General is to blame for poor prosecution of

Why Foreign Companies are Exiting Kenyan Market

A Shoprite Supermarket in Karen, Nairobi: Photo Courtesy COVID-19 has posed negative impacts on businesses, both locally and internationally. Foreign businesses are the most hit; some have suspended production activities while others close indefinitely. The focus has now turned to Shoprite, a South African retailer that has been operating in the

Why 2022 Polls will be a Bigger Contest

President Uhuru Kenyatta Exercising his Rights to Vote during the 2017 Presidential Elections: Photo Courtesy Kenya's 2022 presidential polls will have the highest number of voters in Kenya’s voting history as approximately 5.3 million more youths will have attained voting age by 2022. An analysis of Kenya National Bureau of Statistics

Why Nairobi Matatus Are Called the ‘Clubs on Wheels’

A Fully Designed Nairobi Matatu: Photo Courtesy Kevin Kipng’etich aka 'K-square art’, a minibus art designer has given Nairobi matatus a new exterior makeover branding art designs that display Beyonce. He had also designed a matatu with a portrait of Barack Obama and the Roman Pope. The matatus nation is

Revealed: Why more Teens are engaging in criminal activities

Statistical Measure of Crime: Photo Courtesy Teenage criminals’ numbers have increased; they pounce on their victims in full view and quickly rob them of their valuables, money, mobile phones, and laptops. The ordeal lasts seconds, but at the slightest provocation or any cry for help, the criminals armed with sharp knives

Find out why teenage Pregnancy among Kenyan Girls is on the Rise

Photo Courtesy Kenya has recorded the highest number of teenage pregnancies in 2020 compared to the previous years.  While some people accuse parents of neglecting their parental responsibilities especially now that school activities have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A section of experts also blames the girls for being