KEPSA curfew proposal from 10 pm to 9pm-4am

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has proposed to the government Covid-19 measures including reviewing curfew hours from 10 pm to 9pm-4am. KEPSA C.E.O Carole Karuga In a Statement to the press, KEPSA recognized the rise in infections as the reason for the proposals. KEPSA C.E.O Carole Karuga said that the private

President Biden trips three times, falls as he boards Air Force One

President Biden made history for Trump supporters following his recent ordeal while boarding the Air Force One as he was heading to Atlanta. President Biden trips three times and falls down while climbing the 25-step staircase. Biden trips and falls while climbing stairs. Video Courtesy According to a video circulating on social

Samia Suluhu Hassan: The lady replacing Magufuli as President

Samia Suluhu Hassan is the lady that will be replacing John Pombe Magufuli following his recent death on March 2021. Samia Suluhu Hassan to be the next President. Courtesy Suluhu Hassan is the Vice President of Tanzania and according to the Constitution of Tanzania, the Vice President is expected to take over

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino prefers officers with C plain, C- & D+

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino says it is better to employ police officers who have KCSE grades between C plain and D+. Police Spokesperson Charles Owino During an interview with Citizen TV, Charles Owino said that employing people who have grades C+ and above is challenging. This is because they further their studies

Grammy Awards 2021: Best looks for the year

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards 2021 was nothing but breathtaking and spectacular fashion from all artists who showed up. But the artists from the music awards wore much more bold and iconic outfits that didn’t fail to leave the paparazzi agape. However, many of the nominees watched from their screens at home,

Nairobi MCAs prioritize car grants over development projects

Nairobi MCAs (Members of the county Assembly) become the first in Kenya to slash 1.1 billion development budgets to fund car grant scheme. City Hall Nairobi The ward representatives on approved a supplementary budget reducing various sectors allocation to fund the car grant scheme. Revealed to Hello News, the sector cuts were also

Woman’s one day Jail sentence for killing husband

Woman's One day Jail sentence for killing husband. Justice Roselyn Aburili described the defendant Truphena Ndong’a Aswani as silenced into accepting beatings from her late husband. She accepted the beating as her daily routine till one day she almost lost her life. These are the narration used to describe the defendant