Family Planning: Why doctors’ recommend pregnancy spacing

Family planning is an essential discussion required between two couples that are ready to start a family of their own. That aside, it is important to know that pregnancy spacing will allow a ‘breath-time’ for mother-to-be. Pregnancy According to obstetricians/gynecologists, pregnancy spacing can have an impact on the mother and the child.


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“Butt Cheeks” Senator

Brazilian Senator, Chico Rodrigues : Photo Courtesy Forget the Kenyan way of corruption; the Senator of Brazil should win an award for hiding money between his butt cheeks. Brazilian senator Chico Rodrigues was found with money concealed between his butts cheeks during a police investigation into the misuse of coronavirus response

Kenya celebrates the 57th Mashujaa Day

Mashujaa Day Celebrations: PHOTO COURTESY Following the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in August 2010, Kenyatta Day was retitled Mashujaa Day. Mashujaa day is a day Kenyans set aside to celebrate the heroes who fought for independence in Kenya. Kenyans honor the imprisonment in Kapenguria of freedom fighters Achieng' Oneko,