Beauty Trends in 2021

Photo Courtesy The beauty industry is likely to improve following the current economic boom. A recent study indicates that 28% more ladies are seeking beauty services in 2021 than before. However, some ladies get it wrong when it comes to beauty. What are the beauty trends to consider in 2021? Micro-blading No

Trump to return with own social media following ban from big platforms

Former U.S. President, Donald Trump will return with his own social media platform following permanent ban from Facebook and Twitter. Trump's Twitter account suspended with over 88 million followers According to his adviser, Jason Miller, Trump will “redefine” the game after launching his own platform that will attract millions of followers. During an

Kenya secretly borrowed Covid-19 loan, U.S. reveals

United States has revealed that Kenya secretly borrowed Ksh139.5 billion loans from Belarusian and Canadian companies to cushion from Covid-19. Kenya secretly borrowed Covid-19 funds According to numerous reports, Kenya signed a secret loan deal in June 2020 with a Belarusian and Canadian company(s). The loan was meant to construct mobile clinics

City Hall: Motorists within CBD to pay parking per hour

City Hall plans to charge hourly fees for any vehicle parked within the Central Business District (CBD). City Hall Nairobi Nairobi Economic Planning Chief Halkano Waqo said the hourly fees are crucial in boosting revenue stream and solving traffic problem. The hourly rate plan is yet to be set and tabled in the

EACC: Ksh221 Million to be recovered from ex-NLC director

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) seeks to recover Sh221 million from former National Land Commission (NLC) director, Dr Salome Ludenyi Munubi. Dr Salome Ludenyi Munubi was director of the valuation and taxation committee at NLC when the transaction took place. Amount demanded According to EACC, Sh221, 375,000 was the loss occasioned to

Kenya Railways: Six trains expected for Nairobi residents

Kenya Railways planned addition of six commuter trains is set to give a boost to Nairobi commuter rail service. The trains are set to arrive in Kenya before April to give reprieve to the city commuters. The diesel multiple units (DMUs) The diesel multiple units (DMUs) as they are known will increase

Kenya Power reports 80% drop in revenue due to Covid -19

Kenya Power reports 80% drop in revenue due to Covid -19. Profit after tax reported for the period ended 31st December 2020 saw the drop from Sh 692Million to Sh138 Million. Kenya Power Employees The power distributor blamed the loss on Covid -19 restrictions last year that depressed its sales. Revenue from

Arsenal: Willian heartbroken following racial abuse

Arsenal star, Willian Borges da Silva, was left heartbroken following racial abuse from online trolls. The Arsenal star player shared a number of screenshots of texts he had received on social media as he got abused because of his color. Arsenal star player Willian Borges da Silva Willian Borges shared screenshots of

Kisumu City: The CBD will be a place to walk and do shopping

Kisumu city county government plans to relocate motorists from the CBD and have a car-free day if the motion is accepted by the assembly. Kisumu City Center According to Kisumu Governor, Anyang’ Nyong’o, the CBD should be transformed into a non-motorized area that will provide ease of access to pedestrians and cyclists.