Cab drivers: Gang arrested for terrorizing operators

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has finally arrested a group of five members who have been terrorizing cab drivers in Githurai, Ruiru and Kirigiti.

Kenyan police car

According to the DCI, the gang of five has terrorized the cab drivers for a while now and police have been conducting investigations since the cases increased.

The five, Peter Mwangi Murima, John Muchoki Gatuhu, Benson Itimu Kariuki, John Kimani Ngang’a, and Peter Njoroge Kirika, were mainly targeting drivers from ‘Little Cab’ company.

DCI stated that one of the five would pretend to be a passenger but when he boards, he strangles the driver from the back seat. He would then command the driver to drive to a secluded area where the rest of the gang is.

Immediately, the gang assaults the driver, steal his valuables and vandalize his car later.

 Detectives recovered a number of items from the gang including a mobile phone, screw drivers, and assorted keys.

In addition, three of the gang members were ex-convicts that had committed offenses such as robbery with violence and murder.

The five were detained for ten days as they await a court ruling after investigations are completed.

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