Business ideas any Kenyan can start (Part One)

Having the perfect and reliable business ideas and starting one can be challenging. Considering the rate to which the Covid-19 is continuing to leave many jobless, starting a business can sound like a good idea.

Whether one has a PhD, Degree, Diploma, or Certificate, starting a business should not be a task as such. As long as you know your basic math, you are good to go. Additionally, most of the well-known businesses worldwide started with a low capital and a small shop.

Succeeding in a business requires persistence, hard work, patience, determination, and capital. Having capital does not necessarily mean hundreds of thousands but can be ten thousand shillings. Capital mainly depends on the type of business one can open.

HELLO NEWS has rounded up a list of businesses that can easily work for a common mwananchi. These businesses do not require a lot of capital however; they can bring food to the table and pay rent.

Here is a simplified list to which one can find business ideas that suits their needs:

1.Manicure or Pedicure

Every woman wants to look beautiful thus this is a good start up that will not require a lot of capital. One can start by doing house calls. Ensuring the end result is perfect is important in making certain of business growth. Clients who will be satisfied with the end result will henceforth refer their friends and the business will grow slowly.

2.Photocopy and Printing

This business requires a basic knowledge in computer and photocopy machines and printers. Required items include a computer, a photocopy machine, and printer. Such a business will or can work best near colleges or universities.

3.Smokies and Eggs

Selling boiled smokies and eggs is considered a cheap business to start. Although its profit seems small, it can bring good amount in a month if it expands.

Additionally, the business requires a maximum of around Sh2000 to start and a good location to start.

4.Salon or Barber shop

This can be a bit of a challenge to start in terms of licenses and materials required. Location is also important in creating good flow or traffic of the business. A shop can range from Sh5000 to Sh20000 depending on the location. In terms of equipments, one can serch for cheap but quality materials at places like River Road or Kamukunji market, both in Nairobi.

5.M-Pesa business

Opening an M-Pesa business can put ones security at risk. Therefore, a good and secure location is important in making the business a success. Also, an open location will help the business owner in terms of easy access by customers. Hidden shops find it hard getting customers.

The best way in starting an M-Pesa is to co-own a space and share the rent before the business gets on its feet.

6.Selling second hand clothes

Selling second hand business can be tricky but very profitable when the right target market is achieved. It does not require a lot of capital to start. With as little as Sh2000, one can get a good amount of profit.

Profit from the business can range from Sh500 to Sh10, 000. The clothes can be bought from Gikomba or areas like Kawangware market.

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