Busia Man Claims to be the Son of Vera Sidika.

Currently, a man from Busia County is claiming to be the biological child of Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika.
The man, who goes by the name Handsome Boy, claimed that he would like to be invited to Vera’s daughter Asia Brown’s tooth celebration.

Vera had made a suggestion on her Instagram that she would hold a party to commemorate her daughter’s teething.

Handsome Boy claims that he would dearly love to attend the party since he longs to spend time with his sister, Asia.

“I am Vera Sidika’s child and I am not afraid of saying it, Vera I am your son .I’ve heard my mum has a first tooth party for my sister. She should at least do the same or even allow me to be near my sister,” he told KE Central.

He also claimed that Otile Brown, Vera’s former boyfriend, is his father, although he chose to just provide a few details about their connection.

Vera refuted the charges made public by the controversial man in February by stating that Asia is her only child.

“How can I have another baby and you all wouldn’t know. I am obsessed with kids. He’d be all over my timeline like Asia. Am even craving for a son right now,” Vera responded to fans during a Q and A session on Instagram live.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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