Busia County: 52 students test positive for the Covid-19

Kolanya Boys Secondary School in Busia County has reported Covid-19 cases as two support staffs, four teachers and 52 students test positive for the virus. The Covid-19 cases have come in just three weeks after classes have been resumed by the Ministry of Education.

Students gathered at their school field

The infections have been announced by the Busia Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong, who reported that 100 samples had been taken from the school. The samples had been taken randomly by the public health team for testing.

The positive cases have been isolated from the rest of the students and school officials. The rest of the school members had been quarantined from outside sources to avoid spread to the rest of the residents in the area.

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Dr. Isaac Omeri, the Busia chief officer for health services, says that all the patients are in stable condition at the isolation center. He furthermore adds that the patients’ conditions are being closely monitored and that they have been put under treatment.

A total of 2, 016 cases have been managed at the Busia County isolation centers. According to statistics, a total of 10 fatalities have been recorded.

Covid-19 in Schools

Besides the Covid-19 spike outside schools, there is a number of Secondary schools that have reported a massive number in Coronavirus cases. Tononoka Secondary School and The Star of the Sea Secondary School are among those that have contracted the virus.

The ministry of education has however stated that it has no plans in closing the schools due to the cases. The schools are expected to adhere to the guidelines when it comes to Covid-19 as issued by the MoH and the WHO.

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