Bomet County: Police officer in Court after arrest for tearing up BBI collection book

A police officer in Bomet County who had been arrested after he tore the BBI collection book is in Court today for a hearing.

Police in Court after ripping off aa BBI collection book

The officer, Peter Langat, was arrested after the incident in Bomet County in the village of Lelelkwet.

Robert Katam, the sub-location assistant chief, says Langat had requested for the book in order to sign. However, he tore the book and threw it in the river.

In addition, it is reported that Mr. Langat tore two of the pages of the BBI collection book.

Katam had managed to recover the book which was completely soaked with water. He later on went to report the matter to the Longisa Police Station. The police however state that it is yet to be known the reason as to why Langat threw the book in the river.

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