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Black Friday, Yay or Nay!

Black Friday, the much anticipated end of year shopping festival is almost here with us. Although a company like Medela has begun its sale earlier than usual. For loyal Carrefour hypermarket shoppers, one can always count on pocket friendly offers.

Forget the common discounts given at nail parlors or barber shops, the Black Friday offers unbeatable deals to customers. On sale products can range from as low as 15 percent to 75 percent off. These offers do come in handy when one had set an eye on certain products which were highly expensive. This mega sale allows one to spend half the amount buying products that would have cost thrice the amount.

One might wonder where Black Friday is applicable

Black Friday is available on leading Hypermarkets, shops, electronic dealers, Online shopping sites, etcetera. Jumia and Kilimall offer great deals on a variety of products; Blenders, TV sets, Woofers, selected clothing and shoes and widely shopped products. LC Waikiki and Goodlife pharmacy also offer sales on some of their selected products at selected stores.

As Kenyans look forward to this mega sale, it can be a great past time hobby to forget the effects of the Covid-19. For those who might worry missing these sales, they do pop up on almost every app either on smartphones or laptops.

Travellers aren’t left out as well; different airlines have offers on airline tickets and some of their airline products for those who board.

Kenyans can gladly hold on to their bank cards and wait happily for mega sales on the Black Friday sale to begin!

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