Bitter Relations between Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto

Bitter relations between Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto continue to get worse with the latter visibly absent in many events.

Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto

The most outstanding event Ruto missed was the anniversary of former President Moi’s death despite his name being present.

Moi’s anniversary was the first big public event since President Kenyatta’s retreat at Sagana seeking BBI’s support from Mt. Kenya.

At the ceremony in Kabarak, President Kenyatta intimated that leaders should mimic Moi’s respect when he was a Vice President. The president’s comments were seen to be directed at his deputy during that ceremony.

Last Month Ruto missed the burial of Mudavadi’s Mother where Uhuru attended and was instead addressing a rally in Mombasa. This Vihiga event was used by Uhuru to sell BBI where else Ruto’s coast Rally was to discredit the same.

According to the Kabarak Program, the DP was to invite President Kenyatta to read his speech. This role was however given to Raymond Moi, one of Moi’s Sons and Rongai Member of Parliament.

The Deputy President William Ruto is on a four-day tour of the coastal region. He is scheduled to hold rallies in Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale.

According to Caleb Kositany (MP for Soi), the DP is committed to participate in all gazette state functions. Any event not gazetted is not mandatory and depends on if he has other engagements.

In 2020, Ruto was censured for missing four state engagements in the month of July including an important Covid-19 Briefing.

Details have emerged that since Ruto was locked out of the DP’s resident in Mombasa, he has never set foot in it again. He has however preferred to work from his Taita Taveta home in Mata ward whenever he’s visiting the coastal region.

The DP was first locked out of his official residence in Kizingo in January 2020. In September the same year details emerged that he avoided military and police planes instead preferring commercial airlines.

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