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Biden’s Race to White House Gets Huge Boost

Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Joe Biden: Photo Courtesy

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden raised more than $364 million in August, reportedly breaking the standing record for the monthly campaign donations that was largely attributed to online fundraising efforts because of the corona virus pandemic.

The former vice president and the Democratic National Committee put in the campaign pot   a total of $364.5 million, of which $205 million were a pledge on online platform from small donors, as reported by his campaign team on Wednesday.

 His record has broken the previous Barack Obama’s and the DNC in September 2008, when he raised almost $200 million, according to CBS and New York Times reports.

“That figure blows me away,” said the 77-year-old Biden in a statement in excerpt thanking his supporters. Saying that over $205 million, cumulatively 57 percent of the money they raised, came from online donations, from people like his supporters, chipping in $5, $10, $20 at a time..

President trump is also not at ease having prepared his re-election campaign since he arrived in the White House in early 2017, 74-year-old President still has a larger overall war chest to battle with his opponent   Biden who  has been drawing in ever larger sums since winning the Democratic primary in April.

Biden urged his supporters to keep breaking records if they want to clearly ensure a fighting chance at winning ‘that thing’- the US presidency.

He said Trump’s money machine remains and has been provided with padded support  by outside dark money  not as his grassroots donors like all of his supporters..

He also added that his opponent team will not rest but as they will pour it all into attacks and smears against him, against Kamala, and against his campaign. He said that his supporters to be prepared towards that course.

Biden’s pick of California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, making her the woman of color on a major party presidential ticket, impressed and fired up his donor base who immediately raised $26 million in 24 hours.

In July, Trump and the Republic National Committee raised $165 million, against $140 million for the Democrats the same month.

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