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Biden’s and Harris’ inauguration, memorable moments

Biden’s and Harris’ inauguration was the most memorable to U.S. citizens and the world at large. The event was filed with tight security and the ceremony itself was different from all other inauguration ceremonies.

Kamala Harris and Obama double fist bump. Courtesy

United States welcomed their president Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday afternoon, a much anticipated day by Africans and the U.S. citizens.

Historic events for the day had heightened security measures, Covid-19 precautions and absence of Donald Trump. However, it was not news for Trump to miss the inauguration as he had announced his absence from the event on Twitter before he got banned.

In spite of Covid-19 and Trumps absence, the event went on smoothly as planned with musicians like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez who performed for the crowd. Lastly, the event marked an end to Trump’s era with fireworks and a song by Katy Perry.

Here are a few highlights from the inauguration of Biden as U.S. President;

Trump leaves White House

Trump left the White House peacefully and addressed the press saying it was a great honor to serve as the 45th President of U.S. he boarded a Marine helicopter with his wife Melania Trump as they headed to Florida. Before he left, he wished Biden great luck as he awaits the swearing-in.

Kamala Harris and Obama fist bump

As Harris walked to have a seat at the inaugural stage, she and Obama did a double fist bump as their way of greeting.

Harris sworn in as Vice President

It was the most memorable moment to all blacks in the U.S. as Kamamla Harris was sworn in as the Vice President. She took her oath, administered by Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, at 11.42am. In addition, she is the first female in America’s history to become a Vice President.

Biden is sworn in as President

Joe Biden was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts at 11.48am as he took oath of office. Afterward, Biden made his first speech as President of United States. He promised to be a President to all Americans.

Fireworks at the capital

Fireworks dispaly at the capital. Courtesy

As the day came to an end, there were stunning fireworks to mark a new beginning for United States as they opened turned a new chapter. Biden and his first lady watched from the Blue Room Balcony that is above the White House. During the firework display, pop singer Katy Perry sang her ‘Firework’ song as they marked Biden’s and Harris’ inauguration.

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