Best outdoor smart home and office cameras 2020

Choosing the best outdoor smart home and office cameras can be challenging. There are varieties in the market that one can chose from but buying the right one is a test on its own.

There are a variety of considerations when choosing the best outdoor smart home and office. Things like whether it can stand up to unfavorable weather, how well it can focus on the alleyway or similar, or the parking area. Well, you’re in luck. We have rounded up the best outdoor cameras around to make your search easy.

Here’s a list of the best outdoor smart home and office cameras 2020:

Ring Spotlight Camera Battery

The 1080p Ring Spotlight Camera Battery is easy to install with a mounting base and tools included. It has a two-way communication, a siren and motion zones that can be customized.

Its only downside is it gets quite expensive when one requires more than one Ring to protect their home or office. With this camera, one requires a Ring Protect plan to get most from it.

The ring sptlight camera battery

Floodlight Camera

This camera offers a loud alarm, powerful floodlights, and an ultra-wide angle motion detection system. Also, it is able to differentiate between objects and people with a passive infrared sensor system. Additionally it can detect animals, objects, and cars within the proximity. The camera incorporates intelligent motion zone settings and the capacity to record 1080p video in day and night.

To access its recording requires a small fee but its incredible features make it the best option for owners looking for smart home camera.

The floodlight camera

Nest Camera IQ Outdoor

Best considered an affordable alternative camera, it only works well outdoors. Besides its IP66 rating and capability to withstand temperatures from -40°C to 45°C, it’s a wired camera that requires inside power. However, it provides secure wiring options directly through the back plate that keeps the wires unexposed.

Furthermore, it sends alerts when it detects motion and person(s) and allows access of up to 39-day footage. Other benefits include a super sight zoom feature that tracks and follows people as they approach the building, familiar face detection, downloading footage, and have activity zone and clip features.

The Nest camera IQ

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

Features include capability to detect people, animals, and cars at good distance, and recording 1080p video day and night. Its LED floodlight can be set to turn on when it detects a person, animal, or car.

In addition, it has an in-built 105dB siren that can scare off unwanted guests.

The Netatmo smart outdoor camera

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