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BBI Report: What’s next for Kenyans

The BBI report official launch at the Bomas of Kenya had brought nearly all elders from all Counties together. Politicians from various counties gave their remarks on matters BBI. Kenyans from far and wide were eager to learn more from the makers of the report.

The Deputy President, William Ruto, talked bravely on his areas of concern when it came to the report. Other politicians, like Cotu also pointed out their areas of concern.

The report entails recommendations that will make a huge impact in the country’s political and economic sectors.

 What next after the launch?

With the report available to the public, Kenyans are advised to read the report. Then express their views whether they are supporting or opposing to the report as they give reasons.

This is the period to which Kenyans are given the chance to express their views when it comes to the BBI report. Recommendations of the report will either be implemented through a policy, a referendum or a legislation of the parliament.

For the report to be implemented through a referendum, at least one million signatures from registered voters in the country should be collected. The most popular manner for the amendment to the report would be in form of general suggestion or an expressed draft bill.

If voting for the BBI report is cast through a referendum, the signatures will be taken to the IEBC. They will then be verified, if whether one million registered voters had cast their votes or not. After the initiative is met and the IEBC is satisfied, the Commission submits the draft bill to each county assembly. The county assembly takes it for consideration within three months after it was submitted.

If the county assembly approves the draft bill, the speaker of the county assembly delivers a copy of the draft bill to the speakers of the two houses of parliament. It is delivered with a certificate showing the county assembly has approved it.

After approval by 24 county assemblies, it will be introduced to the parliament. The parliament then plays a central role in the implementation of the BBI report through the legislation.

The President’s and Raila’s wish in approval of the BBI report might go through if their rallies are not interfered with. Counties like Kisumu have already shown their approval of the BBI report after the president and former prime minister made their visit.

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