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BBI Report; Tangatanga attempt to Stop Reggae

Clashes have risen on account of the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) report. Kenyans are on the edge, with many claiming it’s not aimed at helping Kenyans, while others claim it’s for the goodwill of the people.

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report has recommended constitutional amendments that generate the positions of Prime Minister, his two deputies, and the Leader of the Official Opposition to deal with the predictable post-election instability.

The report accounts that; after every election, the winner of the presidential race takes it all while his main challenger, who regularly commands a large following, is rendered without office which in turn isolates his sizable following.

The report advocates that the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, the Attorney-General, and the Leader of the Official Opposition-being the person who was the runner-up in the Presidential election, be part of the Parliament affairs.

Kenyans enthusiasm is at its highest with different groups arguing out what they believe to be in the report and what they think should or should not be in included in the report; all leading to an emerging clash over the BBI

Opposition leaders, Raila Odinga, and Deputy President, William Ruto, have placed all the bets on the opposite hands. For Raila, BBI is the surest way to come back to the center of the game after losing out of the presidential race four times, including the 2017 elections whose outcome he opposed. For Ruto, it is a magnificent chance to move from the government side, and do a repeat of the 2010 referendum, where he made a name out of opposing the 2010 Constitution.

Kenyans take to Twitter with #rejectBBI as most claim it’s only for the politicians gain while others are uncertain of what to contemplate. Politicians such as Dr. Miguna Miguna and Martha Karua have also come out in protest of the BBI Report.

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