BBI: “Final draft was altered,” Official claims

A BBI Official, Maj (Rtd) John Seii, has made reports claiming that the final draft had been altered. The taskforce claims the team did not review the final draft and they were made to include their signatures on the report.

The President and ODM leader holding the BBI report

Seii says the BBI official of the 14-member taskforce were shocked after a calling on a Friday and asked to sign the prepared draft. Additionally, he says they had no time to go through the document that was being handed to them. According to him, they should have been given the more time to go through the final draft before signing.

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The document had been well-prepared and the sign of the officials was what was left. However, the experts who brought the final draft did not mention of any change made. On the contrary, one of the officials needed convincing before agreeing to sign.

Original report

In spite of the release of the final draft, Kenyans should have had the chance to read the original report. This could have enabled the ordinary citizen to read and understand the document before making any decision.

Following the handshake between Uhuru and Raila, the BBI officials had been tasked to tour the 47 counties to take note of Kenyans views and concerns. The tour was to solidify unity in the country.

The Commissioners and MPs were tasked to call up residents of their areas and conduct meetings. No constituency was left out.

Even though residents aired their views, Seii noted that none of their views was relevant in accordance to the preparation of the report. The views that had been presented by women and people living with disability, political parties, professionals and human rights and civic society groups were however well-prepared.

Final draft

He further expressed his shock when the final draft was taken to Naivasha where issues that were not in the report emerged. The BBI taskforce had recommended that no view presented by a Kenyan should be assumed.

The taskforce also recommended the inclusivity in line of the women, people living with disability, the youth and all communities in the country.

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