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Australia: Parrot alerts owner to house fire

A parrot in Australia has been credited to alerting its owner to a fire in his house after it started. The bird shouted out the owners name to get his alert concerning the fire.

A True Pirrot; mainly found in humid tropical forests to deserts

The owner, Anton Nguyen of Brisbane, says he had gone to bead earlier than usual. He later heard a big bang followed by a loud yelling coming from his parrot who was calling him out. He immediately woke up only to find his house filled with the smell of smoke.

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He furthermore added that the early warning of the parrot, Eric, gave him a chance to collect his pet and leave the house before the smoke detectors went off.

He said that after opening the door, he looked at the back of his house only to see flames coming from it. He grabbed his bag and took off instantly.

The Australia firefighters have been able to contain the flames but the house is fully burnt. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined by investigators.

Nguyen truly owes his thanks to his parrot that acted quickly to the incident.

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