Architectural designs that will shape the world in 2021

Architectural designs of 2021 will take nothing but one’s breathe away. The Covid-19 pandemic may have brought about nothing but bad fortune to 70 per cent of people worldwide. However, architectures want to make the world of art and design in terms of building much more exciting.

HELLO NEWS has rounded up the buildings we know one will find pleasing and inspiring. The buildings were designed years ago but due to the pandemic, the construction was put on halt. But we anticipate the projects will be done within the year.

Here is a list we have rounded up for all:

Floating Music Hub

This innovative but experimental building lies in São Vincente. The architecture group wanted something they could build quickly and inexpensive on water.

The Floating Music Hub is nothing but work of art floating on water.

Far Rockaway Library

Being one unique architectural designs among worldwide libraries, the far rockaway library located in New York is 20, 000 square feet.

It is set to take the place of the popular but small library that was at the same location. However, the rockaway library will be bigger than the previous one.

Sunac Guangzhou Grand Theatre

Its inspiration emanating from the flowing texture of decorated silk, the Sunac Guangzhou theatre is at the city of Guangzhou. It is a 2,000 seat Theatre that was designed by Steven Chilton Architects. In addition, it illustrates the sketches of artist Zhang Hongfei.

Similarly, it consists of thousands of aluminum panels. Its exterior appears folded and reveals a ground-level entry. Once completed, audiences will be able to see performances at a 360 degree angle.

Taipei Performing Arts Center

Located in Taipei, the performing arts center is set to be complete in mid-2021 after eight years of construction. In spite of long years of construction, the art center is believed to cost around $192 million.

With a planet-like sphere sticking out from one side, the building is eye-catching and extraordinary.

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