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Angry mob lynches man who killed his mother and sister

An angry mob has killed, Muoki Nzavi, a 41-year-old who was accused of killing his mother and sister in Makueni County.

Man lynched by angry mob after killing own mother

The angry mob killed Nzavi after he was later found in a neighboring village while he was on the run.

According to police report, Muoki Nzavi fled after stabbing his mother Esther Nzilani to death and injuring his sister Irene Nzilani. His mother was a 78-year-old while his sister was 36-year-old.

Nzavi had been depending on his mother for support but he had a history of violence.

Neighbors reported that he had family indifferences with his mother thus this might have led to the killing.

During the attack, the 41-year-old left his mother lying dead in a pool of blood in their sitting room. But his sister was bleeding endlessly as she tried to fight for her life.

Immediately, his sister’s daughter screamed for help as their neighbor, David Munyao, came to assist after the distress call.

Irene Nzilani, however died while receiving treatment at Kibwezi Sub-county Hospital leaving her 13-year-old daughter orphaned.

The police afterward collected the knife believed to have been the weapon that killed his Esther and Irene Nzilani.

Additionally, the residents angrily went in search for Muoki in the area.

Some of the locals told the press of how the fugitive loved chewing ‘miraa’ and that he loved to keep to himself. One of the neighbors also reported of how the family knew no peace because of constant arguments between the murderer and his mother.

Similarly, he had threatened to beat his mother if he did not give him money for his personal use.

Locals were angered at how violent Muoki was and that he had threatened to kill his mother a year ago.

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